You voted! Rameen’s Private Reserve Sale Round#2! *Expired*

Have you had a chance to meet the manager of Speedy Jane’s? Rameen is a 13 year medical marijuana patient and has been involved in the marijuana industry in Oregon & California for over a decade.  He works tirelessly to bring you the best deals in Washington County and has only just begun.

Today, from 2PM to 7PM, Rameen will be selling SPECIAL TOP SHELF strains directly from the vault. None of these strains are on the website or on the menu. ADDITIONALLY, we have gathered an abundance of SHAKE directly from our jars. Come in and get great deals on TOP SHELF MARIJUANA and on high quality shake and meet Rameen in person if you haven’t already.

Leave a reply below and get a special gift from Rameen when you visit the shop today!

[ultimate_heading main_heading=”VAULT STRAIN LIST:”]Today only strains from $4 to $12 a gram.[/ultimate_heading]

White Tahoe Cookies 23.6%

Acapulco Gold 23.4%

White Widow 25.4%

Bettie Page 19.4%

Rude Boi OG 20.9%

Lime Skunk 22.6%

Tangie 13.5%

Indiana BubbleGum 25.84%

Agent Orange 18.23%

[ultimate_heading main_heading=”SHAKE STRAIN LIST:”]Limited. $1.50 a gram. $10 minimum purchase.[/ultimate_heading]

Blackberry kush
Blood orange tangie
Critter breath
Blue krippler
Candy land flower
Train wreck
OGE sour diesel
Agent orange
Pie face
Blue cookies
Blue magoo (outdoor)
Black dog
Bright dreams
Chem dawg
Grape juice

[ultimate_heading main_heading=”SHAKE STRAIN LIST:”]Lots to share!  $1.50 a gram. $10 minimum purchase.[/ultimate_heading]

Black dog
BB #3
Blue cookies (indoor)
Candy land
Laura Winslow
Grand daddy purple
Urban delusion
Dog walker OG
Cinex (OR)
Kosher kush

13 replies on “You voted! Rameen’s Private Reserve Sale Round#2! *Expired*

  • Daniel Thompson

    My i.d is hard, but your persistence and consistency to be the best while keeping customer service and appreciation at a all time high 10/10/10!… Forever and today like pac, iAm and iWill follow and support all that involves you and speedy Jane as a whole. 💯 iSalute

  • Odramodra

    S. J.’s deals are always amazing even when they’re not running specials. They are now my go-to shop. This dispensary saved me from taking mindless commutes to PDX in search of decent bud for decent prices 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  • Cass

    I am so excited to come in and discover what’s in your vault and take some home!
    You are still, by a landslide, my most favorite dispensary I’ve ever been to. I must say that if you haven’t already met Rameen, you must come out and say hello. The whole crew is deliteful and supportive with your every need. It will be an experience that will change your entire opinion on what a dispensary should be. You will be spoiled beyond belief and will want to keep coming back for more. Thanks Speedy Janes for being there for this medical patient. You are so appreciated!!!

  • Jaye Brannon

    A sale tomorrow? Well since some folks can’t get out of the house on Sunday it would be a great incentive to start the week with a sale on Monday. I think it’s a great idea.

  • Jaye Brannon

    Rameen- You run a tight ship with some of the best knowledge of old school genetics I’ve ever seen. You have great products for the most reasonable prices around. Your staff is great and make people want to come back. This is my only dispensary. Thank you for being a friend and that goes to all Speedy Jane’s employees.

  • graycal

    would love to see you carry syskiyou sun products, especially 1-1 syringe(big cbd market out there) and i know alot of people that carry the cbd only to work or wherever just to make their maladies a bit easier. Dont under estimate the demand for this market. its only growing. Thanks

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