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Pre-order $30 ounces while you wait for our Sale “re-stock”.

10 pounds sold in less than 24 hours. Hopefully a lot of you were able to order some of our Sour Breath, Lemon Sour Berry, Grape Stomper or the Strawberry ice during our Pre-Summer Sale we started this weekend. Fear not! A fresh delivery of these magnificent flowers will be here by 4pm, Monday June 11th.

While you wait for our restock, we are offering $30 ounces just for you wonderful people. This deal will not be published on leafly, weedmaps or any other social networking. Order below or come see our wonderful staff face to face.


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  1. Darren

    How do you pre order

  2. Tim "P"like Portland

    Historic Pricing. Oregon has hit new Highs. SpeedyJanes only place to shop!

  3. Courtney DeVargas

    Best place around!

  4. Gary Rogers

    I want to, but I’ll take one how do I preorder?

  5. Gary Rogers


  6. anggullet

    you guys ROCK

  7. Jason Gamel

    Great staff great prices

  8. And1forcal

    Amazing sale by my favorite dispensary!