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  • Honu

    We are Honu is Hawaiian for sea turtle. To the locals, the Honu represent longevity, peace, good luck, humility and “the spirit within”. We have chosen this as the name for our business as it embodies what we hold sacred as a team. It is our belief that our wonderful state has taken a leap forward and is taking great risks given the current federal landscape.


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  • Drift Sublingual Spray

    Hurry up and relax. The beautiful love child of Quick and High this sublingual is a fast-acting blast of that sunshiny blurred edge of joy and love.

    Drift Sublingual Spray

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  • Enjoy Shots

    A family owned & operated business. We start with sustain-ably growing quality cannabis on our river valley farm established over a century ago. Then we use co2 to create full spectrum extract with multiple beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes. Mix it with natural flavors & fresh Oregon spring water to craft a perfect shot every time.

    ENJOY today! – Crafted with care from seed to bottle

    Enjoy Shots

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  • Gron

    Love for the Earth and its provisions. Love for the people we work with. Love for the quality ingredients we source. Care in each product we make. It’s the only way for us to make honest fine chocolates with rich nuanced flavors.


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  • Laurie + Maryjane's

    Laurie + MaryJane produces high quality, reliable edibles for Oregon’s recreational consumers. Through rigorous (and delicious) testing, our handcrafted edibles are a consistent source for cannabis-infused goodness.

    Laurie + Maryjane's

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  • Legal

    5 flavors / 5 Experiences

    Our all-natural sparkling tonics are crafted for that perfect high. Never high-fructose. A delicious mix of bubbles, fruit and as much locally sourced ingredients as Mother Nature will allow. Crafted strain-by-strain to deliver five different but consistent good times. Every time. Slow clap.


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  • Lunchbox Alchemy

    All of our cannabis infused edibles are hand crafted with a highly concentrated dose of food-grade BHO – pairing maximum impact with fantastic flavor. Ranging from fruity soft chews to classic hard candy and coconut macaroons, there’s something for everyone. We recommend reading our tips for use before embarking on any edible journey.

    Lunchbox Alchemy

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  • Portland Oven

    OLCC / ODA Licensed Cannabis Bakery


    Portland Oven naturally processes premium cannabis nugs into an assortment of oils and butterfats. Our small-batch concentrates are used in all of our receipies and baked confections.

    Portland Oven

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  • Wana Brands

    From production to packaging to working with our customers, Wana Brands is focused on these principles. To ensure consistency, Wana Brands lab tests every batch of tincture we make and adjusts the recipe based on potency to enable precise dosing—and we have done this from the day we opened our doors–many years before it was required by law. Our facility operates with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to ensure strict quality control and consumer safety.

    Wana Brands

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  • Wyld Edibles

    WYLD celebrates what our Pacific Northwest provides us by creating treats that coincide with our ambitions and adventurous lifestyles. Climb cliffs and hike trails; explore our rivers, lakes, oceans, and mountains. Enjoy what brings us together and let WYLD keep us coming back.

    Wyld Edibles

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