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Must be 21+ OR have a current OMMP card

Tuesday Happy Hour Deals!

CO2 Company & Fruit Lust Sale!

Fruit Lust .5g – $18!

Fruit Lust 1g – $24!

CO2 Company .5g – $18!

CO2 Company 1g – $32!

Cartridge Close Out!

30% off on these brands:

OM Extracts .5g Cartridges

Enjoy .25g Cartridges

The Juice .3g Cartridges

Half/Full Ounce Flower Specials:

Currently out, try again soon!

Belushi Blowout!

All Belushi flower $6 a gram!

 Black Diamond OG 23.01%

Blue Dragon 17.78%

Bubblemint 21.01%

Cherry Pie 19.36%

Chocolate Hashberry 23.04%

Crippler 23.37%

Lemon Chiffon Cake 22.24%

Nilla Wafer 26.46%

Snowman Cookies 20.46%

Sunset Sherbet 25.79%

Mirth Giant Shots $10 a bottle!

With 50mg of THC and 200mg of CBD, these indica cannabis shots pack a punch!

Mary’s Medicinals

Sativa/Indica Patch $5

THCA/1:1 Patch $8

30 Pack Patches $100

Remedy Oil Tincture $15

1:1 Compound $15

CBD Capsules $15

Lunchbox Alchemy Tangos $6 a pack!

Delicious sour gummies with 50mg of THC per package!

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*Please understand this is a new sale and things may get super busy. We do not double stack discounts on happy hour sales or any sale for that matter. For example veteran & senior discounts can not be used on happy hour promotions. Most importantly when driving through the neighborhood to get here PLEASE DRIVE SLOW & respect our community throughout the City of Hillsboro. Food is Free for customers that make a purchase.


  1. Monica Rodriguez

    Best shop in town always has the best deals! The staff always makes you feel welcomed! I recommend you guys to anybody an everybody!

  2. This place is the best I love this shop clean helpful and amazing prices

  3. bruffsaluteme

    Love the deals keep it coming . The only dispensary I’ll go to

  4. bruffsaluteme

    Love the deals keep it coming

  5. Charles Carey

    Great deals. I recommend you to all my friends!

  6. Tenise

    ‘ll be seeing u tonight for good deals. Love u all.

  7. Kelsey Burke

    You guys have the best deals! 🔥

  8. Luis

    You guys are great! Beaverton location is needed! See you guys later 🤟

  9. LC

    Remember y’all, be nice to your budtenders! After all, they ARE selling you weed! I won’t be in tonight but I came to say I hope you all have a good night! Keep up the awesome work!

  10. Gabriel

    Best place and great prices

  11. Christa Rogers

    Love you guys! Best deals and staff in town!! ❤️

  12. Kayla L Brown

    Love your happy hour deals!!!

  13. Jailene

    Love speedys ! Great deals every time!

  14. Absolutely hands down best deals in town 🙏🏽 Thank you

  15. Absolutely hands down best deals in town 🙏🏽

  16. Betsy

    Love you guys and your deals

  17. Darren B.

    Thank you for what u do. Really appreciate you guys.

  18. Nick

    I will be there coming from Lincoln City, love your deals!!!

  19. Michael Hayes

    Love this place. Best deals in the state and the staff is always awesome. The only dispensary I really go to anymore.

  20. lisa420.lh

    Love the deals and the people! I have been coming here since they opened and have sent many other people here.

  21. dea0edwrds

    Keep the deals coming!

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