Happy Hour Menu!

End Of Summer Sale!!

Deals through ALL of August!!

Shake Sale!

Crippler THC: 23.37% $20 a half oz/ $40 a full oz.

King Tut THC: 18% $20 a half oz/ $40 a full oz.

Chemdawg THC: 16.87% $20 a half oz/ $40 a full oz.

Buy 3 Twax Joints get a FREE lighter!

Get your $20 1/8th in a Rebel Spirit Pre-Roll pack!

Come in and check out what strains we have!

Tree Honey Blowout Sale!!

Blue City Diesel – $10

LA Rush – $10

Blueberry Muffins – $11

Sour Goat -$11

Sizzleberry -$11

Berzerker 1g CO2 Cart for $25!!

Berzerker .5g CO2 Cart for $12!!

Bloodhound 1g CO2 Cart for $25!!

Bloodhound .5g CO2 Cart for $12!!

GG #4 .5g CO2 Cart for $12!!

1:1 .5g CO2 Cart for $12!!

Buy 5 CO2 or Fruit Lust .5g Carts for $75! Comes with free battery!*

*This deal excludes the carts listed above

Gentle Giant Cannabis Shot – $6.50 a piece!!


THC: 50mg         CBD: 200mg

Fruit Lust SALE!

Fruitlust Cartridge .5g – $18

Fruitlust Cartridge 1g – $24

CO2 Company SALE!

CO2 Company Cartridge .5g – $18

CO2 Company Cartridge 1g – $30

Mama Lou’s SALE!

Single Shot THC Energy Tincture – $5

THC, CBD, & 1:1 RSO  – $24

THC Energy, CBD Relief, CBD Sleep, 1:1 Wellness Tincture  – $48

Twax Joints SALE!

.5g Twax Joint – $10

1g Twax Joint – $15

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*Please understand this is a new sale and things may get super busy. We do not double stack discounts on happy hour sales or any sale for that matter. For example veteran & senior discounts can not be used on happy hour promotions. Most importantly when driving through the neighborhood to get here PLEASE DRIVE SLOW & respect our community throughout the City of Hillsboro. Food is Free for customers that make a purchase.

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