The Final Sunday Shake Sale! ALL STRAINS $1

This Sunday will be our last Shake Sale.

Moving forward we will be making pre-rolls to service our new Happy Hour Specials.

Today we will be serving up a large variety of shake from $1 (including tax) from 10am to 5pm.* **

* All shake deals have a 7 gram minimum per purchase.
* Our staff is not responsible to remove stems for you. What you see, is what you get.
* This is the last shake sale. Never fear, other amazing deals and sales are on the way!

** Grams of marijuana for $1 (including tax) has the potential to attract a lot of people. Here are a few things to remember: Drive slow through the neighborhood near Speedy Janes, be prepared to wait in line & finally remember inventory of shake sales can change in just a few customers.

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