2017 went by in a flash. Speedy Jane’s is here to help you celebrate the New Year with great deals on the best brands and products we have accumulated in the last couple months.

You can order any of the deals you see below online! Scroll through the deals then click the order now button to pre-order items and have them ready for you when you get to the shop!

Do not operate a vehicle or machinery under the influence of marijuana.
For use only by adults 21 and older. Keep out of the reach of children.

New Year Flower Sale:
– Girl Scout Cookies 22%, Animal Cookies 18% & OG Kush 25.9% only $10 a gram (including tax)

New Year Preroll Sale:
– Twax .5g only $10! Five strains
– Tax XL 1.5g only $20! Five strains
– Cascade Valley Petite 4 pack only = $12! (including tax)

New Year Edibles: Sale
– CBD Honey Pack $3 off
– Wyld boxed white chocolates = $18
– Wanna Gummies $18 (1:1 gummies not included)
– Gaia Dark Chocolate mini bar $5

New Year Vape Sale:
– CO2 Company .5g CBD Cartridge = $30
– CO2 Company Black Label .5g Distillate = $30
– CO2 Company Full Spectrum .5g = $80 for 3 (26.67 ea)
– Joystick .5g cartridges = $30
– Select buy 2 cartridges get a battery FREE

New Year Concentrates Sale:
– Claywolf Live Resin Full Grams, Five options to choose from = $24 out the door (including tax)
– Bargain BHO Sour Apple full grams only $10

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