Dear Thief,

Earlier today you violated us and made things tougher on our staff and customers. The people behind this store work 7 days a week and over 100+ hours in store to bring a wonderful weed atmosphere to our city. We see/hear every little detail once you start heading towards the end of Dennis Ave. From the second you turn into our driveway we are watching. We even have off-site storage of ALL our video footage.

YOU HAVE 24 HOURS to PAY for the products you stole. Otherwise, we will distribute your face photos, your vehicle, your license plate (as seen below) and the OBVIOUS footage (from several angles) of your crime to Local law enforcement & the OLCC.


6 replies on “BUSTED!

  • Logan

    This is beyond sad…. Such low life people out there. Like you are really going to steal from the BEST & CHEAPEST WEED SHOP IN THIS AREA??? I hope you guys catch this idiot!! So sorry to hear about this. Have A nice day you guys. By far hands down the best BUDZZZ shop in the state 😊😊😊

  • Cass

    I will kick down on that reward you are offering if given a name! For real!!!!! You have graciously given her the option to “Do Over!”
    An honorable gesture from my friends and family at Speedy Janes.
    Don’t let this chance slip by……
    The lesson only gets harder if repeated……

  • Drew Ferrer

    Man, that is a total bummer. I really hope you guys catch the rotten scoundrel and show her the long arm of the law. Good luck friends


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